Creating a podcast for a business can seem alien to many businesses. Many people, though, consume and produce podcasts regularly to share ideas and information with others around the world. Have you ever considered of podcasting is a good tool for marketing your e-commerce business? If not, you may start considering it now.

Over the past few years, statistics have shown that podcasting can be very beneficial for online businesses. In fact, the numbers are very impressive. In 2013, podcast subscriptions rose above 1 billion. Since then, podcast listeners have grown to around 75 million a month. That means that more than 75 million unique listeners are enjoying podcasts monthly. This post is brought to you by our sponsors at plumber Smyrna.

Even with these numbers in mind, e-commerce businesses are not taking advantage of this virtually untapped marketing tool. In fact, only around 6% of online businesses are enjoying the ROI that comes with podcasts. Podcast listeners are continuing to grow over 20% a year, so it is continuing to grow in popularity among online marketers. Many businesses are using video marketing more these days, but are leaving the audio format almost untouched.

When it comes to podcasts, the bulk of the listeners are typically affluent, educated consumers that crave podcasts that are intellectually stimulating. When a podcast Creator can connect with this audience, they become more likely to be seen as trustworthy to their listeners and can more easily convert them into consumers for their product or service. In fact, an average of 63% of podcast listeners have purchased an item that was promoted by the host on a show.

Creating a podcast is a wonderful way to build your product and brand while also connecting with the audience in building better relationships through meaningful conversations.

If you have never created a podcast, it may seem a little overwhelming at first. Once you learn the basics, though, you will likely find that creating podcasts is a great way to build your e-commerce business.